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Casual Kit - 1 Sole + 2 Covers

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    Always in Fashion


    • Gender:Unisex
    • Season:Spring,Summer
    • Type:Synthetic Leather,Textile

    Key Features

    RUTIS Convertible Shoe, A Unique Everyday
    Every day in fashion, personalize your style with RUTIS convertible shoe. Upper and outsole interchangeable and available in authorized stores, each part can be purchased in the store.

    Cover (Skin) + Outsole = RUTIS Shoe


    *Save space
    *Easy cleaning and fast drying
    *Exclusive design and patent technology
    *Multiple pairs of shoe with reduced cost
    *Lots of upper styles to be purchased separately
    *Easy, Customizable, and fun
    *Easy carry multiple pairs and travel light


    • Convertible Shoes - Zapatos modulares

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