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Zipper Flat Shoes

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    • Gender:Girls,Women
    • Season:Autumn,Spring,Summer,Winter
    • Type:Leather,Plastic,Rubber,Synthetic Leather,Textile

    Key Features

    Create your Top style and wear different shoes to match to your activities (business, sport, outdoor,..).

    Shoes with interchangeable covers, it is a new concept of shoes that are characterized by their ¨skins¨ and soles are interchangeable which helps them to adapt for every occasion and that is transformed into light footwear and easy to save space during the trips.

    Same size covers and soles are interchangeable.

    1 Unique and Exclusive Design: World first modular shoes
    2 Environmentally Friendly: Zipper design allows you to dispose of only the frayed segment of the shoes.
    3 2 in 1 Interchangeable Shoes: Like two pairs of shoes for the price of only one.
    4 Footwear Customization: Simply unzip and re-zip your style of the day.
    5 Easy to Clean with Good Hygiene: Separable upper and outsole, preventing smelly shoes.



    • Convertible Shoes - Zapatos modulares